Carefully Designed for comfort and riding style

Multiple Terrains can be ridden on with ease

Custom Looks are available
for a personal touch

Hybrid bikes are gaining in popularity these days. They are highly versatile as they can be used in a variety of riding terrains. Whether you use it for regular commuting needs or for the ultimate mountain biking experience, this type of bike certainly comes in handy.

As the name says it all, hybrid bikes are meant to give the best of both worlds to the biker. This is achieved through careful designing throughout the entire bike. Its handlebars are slightly raised as compared to that of a mountain bike. Such handlebars ensure a more comfortable riding posture even while riding on regular roads.

As hybrid bikes are expected to be used in a wide range of terrains, they come with excellent safety features too. Regardless of whether it is used on rugged terrains or on regular city roads, the safety features are top-notch. Hybrid bikes can be fitted with different types of breaking systems such as V-brakes, mechanical brakes, or hydraulic-assisted brakes, and can vary from model to model.

People who are familiar with the three basic types of bikes, regular, mountain, and hybrid, are more often than not inclined towards hybrid bikes. According to them, “hybrid bikes are more comfortable and safe to ride on most terrains”. The enhanced comfort and safety levels are achieved by using state of the art suspensions and wider tires that are capable of providing a better grip.

There are many other reasons why hybrid bikes are becoming increasingly popular among biking enthusiasts. Simply put, owning a hybrid bike is like owning two bikes, one for normal use and the other for adventure trips, all for the price of one!

Other news in the bicycle world is the all new e-bike, including the 3 wheel e bike models. These bikes are becoming very popular for young and old alike. They are worth taking a look at and you might even be convinced to purchase one.